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On Uber’s Choice of Databases

Last week we saw Uber’s move away from Postgres to MySQL get a lot of attention. This week we get a few well reasoned responses from the Postgres community which include some areas we can improve , as well as some highlights of why what they were trying to do didn’t make as much sense in Postgres.

Markus Winand

Advanced Postgres Performance Tips

You’ve added the INDEXes, both partial and covering. You’ve VACCUUM ANALYZEd. You JOINed and INNER JOINed everything to a single query. And yet, your report is still taking too long. What do you do when the low-hanging fruit has been harvested?

Thoughtbot #tutorial 

PostgreSQL, Backups and Everything You Need to Know

Backups are key to keeping your data safe, but there is more than one option… And each has its benefits and trade-offs. Here’s a good summary of when and why you should use each.

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PostgreSQL 10 Kick-Off

The next major release of Postgres (after 9.6) will be known as PostgreSQL 10 and development is getting underway. Get an overview and start to follow along with such patches as this one .

Peter Eisentraut

Building A Data Pipeline with Airflow

Setting up a data pipeline with Python that takes currency exchange rates, stores them in PostgreSQL and then caches the latest exchange rates in Redis.

Mark Litwintschik #tutorial 

3 Ways to Work with Time in Postgres (and ActiveRecord)

Time is common in lots of applications, and working with them in Postgres can be incredibly powerful. Here’s a rundown for Rails developers on how you can do it more natively.

Duck Type Labs #tutorial 

apgdiff: Another PostgreSQL Diff Tool

A free database schema diff tool and how to use it.

StartNet #tools 

Why We Lost Uber As A User

Reflections on last week’s Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL .

Postgres Mailing List

An Unexpected Journey, A DBA's Tale

A look at managing a large Postgres cluster running on Amazon RDS.

Ramanan Balakrishnan

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