Qt 5.8 Is Preparing For Its Feature Freeze

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Qt 5.8 Is Preparing For Its Feature Freeze

Written by Michael Larabel inQt on 8 August 2016 at 08:33 AM EDT.Add A Comment

Qt developers are preparing for the feature-freeze of the upcoming Qt 5.8 tool-kit.

The branching of "dev" to "5.8" is happening with developers preparing for Qt 5.8 to set out on its final course ahead of the official release later this year. The actual feature freeze is set to happen one week from today on 15 August.

Qt developers concerned about the logistics of the 5.8 branching can see this mailing list post .

Among the features coming to Qt 5.8 is an upgrade to Qt WebEngine powered by Chromium ~53, support for 90/180 degrees rotation of software-rendered content in EGLFS, Qt WebSockets improvements, new experimental QML platform types, an experimental Direct3D 12 back-end in Qt Quick, and various other internal changes. In addition to Qt Quick having the experimental D3D12 renderer, also merged is the software-backend previously known as Qt Quick 2D Renderer.

An in-progress list of new functionality coming to Qt 5.8 can be found via this Wiki page . Per the release page , there isn't yet a firm timetable for when Qt 5.8.0 will be officially released.

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