OpenSK Hopes To Be The Vulkan Of Audio/Multimedia

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OpenSK Hopes To Be The Vulkan Of Audio/Multimedia

Written by Michael Larabel inMultimedia on 14 August 2016 at 08:57 AM EDT.Add A Comment

OpenSK (Open Stream Kit) is a project driven by a Microsoft engineer that aims to be "a cross-platform low-level sound library inspired by the Vulkan API."

Open Stream Kit is working on audio, video, and sequencer data streaming and control functionality. The library is still in its early stages and isn't yet ready for application developers.

The developer, Trent Reed, hopes that "the tools and libraries will allow developers to create and maintain complicated audio, video, and sequencer streams on multiple hardware with the same code." Trent Reed is a software engineer at Microsoft, but it does not appear that OpenSK is an officially sanctioned project by the Redmond company.

So far this cross-platform multimedia library appears to be working on just Ubuntu 16.04 with ALSA, funny that it doesn't yet talk about working Windows support. Open Stream Kit is licensed under the MIT license.

It will be interesting to see if OpenSK manages to take off as "a Vulkan inspired API for audio", but for now you can learn more via the project's GitHub Wiki page .

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