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Achieving a Perfect SSL Labs Score with Go  tutorial 

Not content with just getting an ‘A’ with Go’s out-of-the-box SSL support, Peter Lambert looks at how to get an A+ with a 100% score.

Peter Lambert

Testing Your (HTTP) Handlers in Go  tutorial 

Building a web (HTTP) service? A look at how to unit test your handler functions, injecting the necessary dependencies, and mocking the rest.

Matt Silverlock

go-httpd: How to Organise a Go HTTP Service  code 

An example project designed to exhibit a variety of important principles of a good Go project built around an HTTP server.

Philip O'Toole

Free eBook: Automate your Development Workflow with Docker

In this free Codeship eBook you will learn how to use Docker to solve the problems of inconsistent environments on varying deployment targets and how to build an app to run inside an isolated Docker Container.

Codeship   sponsored 

Using Protocol Buffers from Go  tutorial 

JSON is a popular format for marshalling data into and out of apps, but it’s not necessarily that fast. Protocol Buffers offer an interesting alternative.

Jacob Martin

durafmt: Better Time Duration Formatting  code 

Formats time.Duration strings into a human readable format (because 354h22m3.24s isn’t particularly easy on the eye).
Wesley Hill

Rend: An Memcached Proxy from Netflix  code 

A memcached proxy that manages data chunking and L1 / L2 caches and that handles tends of thousands of concurrent connections at Netflix.

Netflix, Inc .​

DGraph 0.3 Released: A Distributed, Low Latency Graph Database  code 

A Go-based database built by someone who used to build distributed graph systems at Google.

Manish R Jain

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