C# Programming Interview Questions – Strings

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  1. How to Print duplicate characters in a String? (Solution)

  2. How to check if two Strings are anagrams of each other? ( Solution )

  3. How to reverse String in C# using Iteration and Recursion? ( Solution )

  4. How to count number of words in a String? ( Solution )

  5. How to check if String is Palindrome? ( Solution )

  6. How to remove duplicate characters from String? ( Solution )

  7. How to return highest occurred character in a String? ( Solution )

  8. How to determine if the string has all unique characters ( Solution )

  9. Replace all spaces in a string with %20 ( Solution )

  10. Find all substring in a string ( Solution )

  11. How to print first non repeated character from String? (Solution)

  12. How to count number of vowels and consonants in a String?(Solution)

  13. How to count occurrence of a given character in String?(Solution)

  14. How to remove special characters from String?(Solution)

C# String Methods:

  1. C# String Insert

  2. C# String Format

  3. C# String Length

  4. C# substring method

  5. C# String Compare

  6. C# String Concatenation

  7. C# String Copy

  8. C# Equals method

  9. C# Split String

  10. C# String Interpolation

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