Mesa Lands Support For GL_EXT_window_rectangles

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Mesa Lands Support For GL_EXT_window_rectangles

Written by Michael Larabel inMesa on 19 June 2016 at 07:31 PM EDT.Add A Comment

The newest OpenGL extension now supported by Mesa is GL_EXT_window_rectangles.

GL_EXT_window_rectangles is a newer OpenGL extension and explained via the registry , "this extension provides additional orthogonally aligned 'window rectangles' specified in window-space coordinates that restrict rasterization of all primitive types (geometry, images, paths) and framebuffer clears."

Ilia Mirkin did the plumbing work for the GL_EXT_window_rectangles extension in Mesa and Gallium3D's Mesa state tracker. So far he's proceeded to hook up this extension for Nouveau's NV50 and NVC0 extensions.

The Mesa work on GL_EXT_window_rectangles was mainlined on Saturday and can be found via Mesa Git master until the September stable release update.


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