Get acquainted technically with the Simple Search Service

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The Simple Search Service has shown itself to be a useful tool. People are talking about it and are writing about it as well. Below are some blog posts that discuss the project in detail and will get you acquainted with it from a technical standpoint:

Glynn Bird, the project owner, provides anintroduction to this useful tool. It will get you up and running in no time.

Glynn Bird is having lots of fun with the Simple Search Service and you can, too. He provided a searchable database of the Game of Thrones characters . You have access to a RESTful API service that lets you query characters, books, and houses using a simple RESTful HTTP interface.

Va Barbosa decides to join the party, building on top of what Glynn Bird provided. He adds afront end to what the creator of the Simple Search Service has built for the Game of Thrones. Not only do you have APIs to query the characters but you now have a front end that lets you exercise the search engine.

I hope you will be inspired to write your own application using the cool search tool. If you do, we will gladly publish it for you.


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