Powering Down the Anaconda Build CI System

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We are reaching out to our committed base of Anaconda Cloud users to let you know we’ve made the decision to deprecate the Anaconda Build service within Anaconda Cloud as of September 1, 2016. Please note that Anaconda Build is not to be confused with conda-build , which will continue to be supported and maintained as a vital community project. The remaining functionality within Anaconda Cloud will continue to be available to the Anaconda user community to host, share and collaborate via conda packages, environments and notebooks.

Anaconda Build is a continuous integration service that is part of the Anaconda platform (specifically, Anaconda Cloud and Anaconda Repository). Anaconda Build helps conda users and data scientists automatically build and upload cross-platform conda packages as part of their project’s development and release workflow.

Anaconda Build was initially launched [in effect as a beta product] to support internal needs of the Anaconda platform teams and to explore the combination of a continuous integration service with the flexibility of conda packages and conda-build. While we were developing and supporting Anaconda Build, it was gratifying to see significant community effort around Conda-Forge to solve issues around cross-platform continuous integration workflows with conda and the formation of a community-driven collection of conda recipes to serve the open data science community. The resulting conda package builds fromConda-Forge are hosted on Anaconda Cloud.

We feel that the Anaconda community efforts around Conda-Forge (along with Travis CI , CircleCI , and Appveyor ) are in a better position to deliver reliable continuous integration services compared to our internal efforts with Anaconda Build. For both Anaconda community users and Anaconda platform subscribers, alternative solutions for automated conda package builds can be developed using the previously mentioned continuous integration services.

The documentation for Anaconda Build will continue to be available in the Anaconda Cloud documentation for a short period of time after Anaconda Build is deprecated but will be removed in the near future.

If you have any questions about the deprecation of Anaconda Build or how to transition your conda package build workflow to Conda-Forge or other continuous integration services, please post on the Anaconda Cloud issue tracker on Github .

-The Anaconda Platform Product Team


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