Erlang error handling primitives

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Erlang … takes the approach that failures will happen no matter what, whether they’re developer-, operator-, or hardware-related. It is rarely practical or even possible to get rid of all errors in a program or a system. If you can deal with some errors rather than preventing them at all cost, then most undefined behaviours of a program can go in that “deal with it” approach.

This is where the “Let it Crash” idea comes from: Because you can now deal with failure, and because the cost of weeding out all of the complex bugs from a system before it hits production is often prohibitive, programmers should only deal with the errors they know how to handle, and leave the rest for another process (a supervisor) or the virtual machine to deal with.

Given that most bugs are transient, simply restarting processes back to a state known to be stable when encountering an error can be a surprisingly good strategy.


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