New jQuery Bootstrap Plugins you should Try

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Bootstrap is most widely and popularframework among developers now a days; it is anintuitive, powerful and sleek formobile front end development. This framework is easier and faster for web development. Bootstrap includes CSS and HTML based design templates for forms, typography, buttons, navigation, tables, image carousels, modals, and JavaScript plugins.

This is highly responsive which means it can adjust from desktop to mobile phones easily. This article defines list of jQuery Bootstrap Plugins that you can use in your projects to optimize and to do certain things.

LobiPanel Plugin

LobiPanel Plugin is jQuery plugin which is used for bootstrap panels. It comes with various useful and common features like maximizable, Minimizable, draggable, sortable and resizable which are not default features. With this you can customize action tooltips and action panels. It works well for nested panels. And you can change the name of panel even.

Ggpopover Plugin

Ggpopover is a jQuery popover plugin which is extended from Bootstrap’s popover that support 4 positionstop, bottom, left,right. This plugin has feature to support likeunlimited title font color, unlimitedtitle background color, and unlimited content background color, title border color, arrow color,and unlimited content text color without using images.

DateTimePicker Plugin

This is used as both time and date picker component based on Bootstrap. DateTimePicker supports both Bootstrap version 2 and version 3.With this it is possible for Bootstrap to embed DateTime picker right on page without the need to attach it to any particular input field.

PickList Plugin

PickList is a jQuery plugin that converts a multiple selection box into side by side pick list which helps in quickly removing or selecting multiple items easily. The various features are it is easily customizable through CSS, remove elements from list by double clicking and support rich HTML content.


rPage is easy to use plugin used for making pagination more responsive for Bootstrap 3’s. It automatically squeezes the page components and removes some elements when there isnot enough room to show those on screen, in order to increase responsiveness of app.

jQuery Tabledit Plugin

This is used as an inline editor for HTML. You can also edit spreadsheet or use buttons to change between view and edit mode. One can also change the content of button and CSS classes.

Smoke Plugin

Smoke is jQuery plugin which is designed forBootstrap 3 and it have many helpful features likenotifications, form validation, progress bar and many more.Alerts provide information regarding the user action while evoking event.

eModal Plugin

eModal is Easy Modal for bootstrap which helps creating modal dialogs by use of Bootstrap. eModal can be used to display modal for prompt, Ajax,alert, iframe or confirm.

Tabcordion Plugin

Tabcordion is a jQuery plugin that changes set of Bootstrap tab into Bootstrap accordion. It is configured to do this transformation based on the size of the viewport or container to give better response to UI.

Date Paginator Plugin

Date Paginator plugin takes Bootstrap’s pagination component and inject some bit of date magic. It helps in creating hugely modularized and simplified way of paging date result in the application.

Bootstrap Progress

Bootstrap Progressbar plugin extends the progressbar of Bootstrap. With addition of Javascript with the preexisting CCS, it gives the chance to animate the progressbar. One can get the value through callback.

Bootstrap news box Plugin

Bootstrap News Box plugin is used for creating clean responsive news slider ticker which allows one to scroll vertically html content with up-down navigation and autoplay.


Magnet is a plugin which allows to create filterable layout. Magnet is easy to set up and initialize.It supports Bootstrap 3. It has complete and extensive documentation and code snippet.

Bootstrap DatePicker Plugin

This plugin provides flexible datepicker component. It has number of events, options and methods. We can localize weekday names and month names.

FH Mega Menu Plugin

This plugin is for Bootstrap 3.3.1+ which is mega menu plugin and compatible with all modern web browser and mobile devices. This comes with custom 6 color schemes and one can build their own color schemes also. This plugin is retina display ready and have 100 percent responsive layout design along with awesome font icons.

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