A JS-powered Terminal Emulator, V8 5.3, Deep Dive into ES6 Destructuring

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HyperTerm: An Open Source, JS-Based Terminal Emulator

“The goal of the project is to create a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users, built on open web standards.”

Guillermo Rauch

Howler.js: JavaScript Audio Library for the Modern Web

An audio library that uses the Web Audio API but can fall back to HTML5 audio. Supports 3D audio, auto-caches, and has no dependencies.

James Simpson

V8 (JavaScript Engine) 5.3 Announced

In beta until Chrome 53 stable arrives, version 5.3 boasts improved page startup and Promises performance (20-40% on one benchmark), plus a new interpreter called Ignition .

Seth Thompson

Harness the power of AngularJS in your graphs

ZingChart-AngularJS is a directive to create AngularJS graphs. Easy to set up. Style as you like. Access all the features. Try it today.

ZingChart    Sponsored

Build a Music Streaming App with Electron, React and ES6

A complete tutorial bringing together numerous modern Web technologies to create a simple desktop music player.

Wern Ancheta

How To Use Arguments and Parameters in ES6

Faraz Kelhini’s detailed tutorial explores arguments and parameters and sees how ES6/ES2015 has upgraded their potential.

Smashing Magazine

A Deep Dive Into ES6 Destructuring

“destructuring takes data from an existing object or array and literally destructs it to extract only the values you’re interested in.”

Mike Evans


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