Cisco: Elevating the Role of SDN in the Cloud with Cisco ACI 2.0

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ACI 2.0 – released earlier this month –  delivers strong new SDN and Cloud capabilities.  These enable Scale, Cloud Automation, Security & Analytics, as well as Optimized Operations.  Yeah, I know that sounds kinda ‘buzzwordy’, but read on and you’ll get a sense for the power that ACI 2.0 delivers.

I’m posting this on behalf of Srini Kotamraju, who is Director of ACI Product Management within INSBU.

As technology megatrends go, both SDN and cloud computing are perhaps considered too mainstream to merit mentions in fashionable “top 10” lists these days. What is not in dispute are the massive investments companies of all sizes are making in both cloud services and SDN to modernize their data center infrastructure and operations. There has been less clarity in how these two technologies inter-relate, either as complementary or even competing approaches. We agree with this analyst and his view that implementing an effective SDN solution in the data center is the path to “cloud networking” that can support resources and services on a massive scale.

In fact, Cisco is delivering on this promise with our newest code release for the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI 2.0) that includes a comprehensive set of new features and functionality in both infrastructure and operations. There are notable advancements in this code release across four categories: infrastructure scale, cloud automation, security & analytics, and optimized operations. The key, overarching benefit is that these new innovations will make it easier for our customers to use the Cisco ACI at greater scale to support their applications across both on-prem data center and cloud domains. By doing so, the connection between SDN and the cloud becomes even tighter, resulting in higher levels of efficiency in data center network and resource management. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Read the entire article here, Elevating the Role of SDN in the Cloud with Cisco ACI 2.0


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