How System Integrators Work With Mongoose

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Embedded development is complex and many companies simply don’t have the internal know-how to embed and connect their devices. These organisations either face the challenge of hiring new engineering teams or working with established system integrators.

System integrators drive development

System integrators are experts in delivering customised architectures and applications for their clients. They are faced with having to deal with projects that are based on new or existing hardware, custom software solutions and communication infrastructures (or the lack thereof). This is exactly the reason why they can be an ideal partner for a company looking to create an embedded device or connect their existing device to the Internet who struggles building the solution internally. They have seen it all!

“Complexity is what drives system integrators. In my conversations with them, I see how much they thrive on resolving business problems and have to rely on their portfolio of suppliers to make this happen,” Omer Keser who manages partnerships and sales in Cesanta describes his experience with leading integrators.

Two files, cross-platform and multiple functionalities

“Any integrator I speak to about the solutions they use, refers to three themes: 1. simplicity, 2. reliability and 3. multiple application options,” Omer continues. It’s important to us to ensure that Mongoose Embedded Web Server solves for these. And, not just for system integrators but everyone in fact. Here’s how:

1. Simplicity

The source of Mongoose Embedded Web Server is compacted into just 2 files. This makes the integration into embedded projects simple and fast. With a core of under 40kB there is no need to think about added storage complexities. On top, access to the full source code means that amendments can be made simply, based on individual client’s needs.  

2. Reliability

Mongoose is the most highly recommended HTTP server on GitHub and updates every quarter. It is both ISO C and ISO C++ compliant. This means, the tool remains top of the class.

Our engineering team is open to questions and suggestions via our Forum and there is commercial one-on-one support available to ensure every integration goes ahead without a hitch.  

3. Multiple Application Options

Mongoose arose from a need to create a simple HTTP server to work with a particular platform when no other tool was available. 10 years on, we’ve made it our mission to ensure the tool is cross-platform supporting Linux/Unix, MacOS, QNC, eCOS, Windows, Android, iPhone and FreeRTOS (TI CC3200 and ESP8266).

Over the years, it’s turned from a simple HTTP server into a swiss army knife for embedded network software engineering with support for WebSocket, MQTT, plain TCP and UDP, SSL/TLS, HTTP, CoAP, DNS and async DNS resolver.

Are you looking for a partnership?

The team at Cesanta works closely with all our clients including system integrators. If you are looking to build a partnership to serve your clients with embedded system solutions, check out the Mongoose Embedded Web Server Source Code and get in touch to find out more .

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