This Pen Is Totally Over-Engineered. We Dig It Anyway.

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RIIND is a young design studio founded by two MIT engineering graduates, and its first product is a pen.

You might be thinking, okay, two MIT engineers design a pen . It must send digital copies of your writing to your phone via Bluetooth, or enable AI-powered handwriting. But nope. The pen—dubbed, breathlessly, The Pen—is really just a pen. Not a stylus, not an e-pencil, but an ink-to-paper pen that’s made out of aluminum and looks like a bullet. According to RIIND’s Kickstarter page , its founders got the idea for The Pen ($95) in October 2014.

Twenty months worth of engineering later, and The Pen is here. It comes with a suite of features, chief of which is its clip. The clasp rotates 90 degrees to the left or right, making it possible for users to affix it snugly to the inside of a button down shirt, rather than just vertically onto a pocket. That swiveling interaction also works double duty, and causes the pen’s tip to protract and retract. Once the ink cartridge is empty, users can refill it with 35 different kinds of ink—kind of like choosing your preferred font, but, you know, the medieval way.

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