Google releases an updated, faster version of Android Studio

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Google is updating its Android Studio developer environment with a whole slew of upgrades under the hood that’ll make it faster. The company unveiled the new tool at its Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View.

Making the developer experience easier is critical to companies like Google to encourage developers to build apps Android-first, which is important to capture moments of exclusivity over the App Store. That could, in the end, convince people to go for Android devices before an iPhone or iPad — and it’s all riding on which app store has the best apps.

Here’s what’s new under the hood:

These all appear to be a lot of under-the-hood upgrades, but again, these kinds of upgrades are critical for convincing developers to stick with Android Studio as their go-to IDE. 92% of applications on the Google Play store are built using Android Studio, the company said.

Developers can pick up the beta version today.


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