Microsoft PowerShell on Linux and Open Source

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Since its inception in 2002 PowerShell has been deeply influenced and improved by the passion and needs of our community. As an example, 80 contributors filed bugs and issues on the “alpha” release. Since that time we, together, have built a strong PowerShell community that supports each other, provides Summits and Conferences and gives great feedback to the product team at Microsoft.

Satya’s new leadership and customer-focused mindset has encouraged and empowered us to do even more with our community. Last year we started a number of successful community initiatives, such as the PowerShell Home Page, the PowerShell Gallery, and various Open Source projects.

Today we are thrilled to move to the next level and provide PowerShell as an open source project on GitHub, available on Windows, Linux and macOS! The official announcement blog can be found here and the PowerShell Webinar is here. This is the most dramatic change since the release of V1 so of course, we had to record the moment for history, here is the video of the team making the repo public!

Read the entire article here, PowerShell on Linux and Open Source

via the fine folks at Microsoft.


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