The Swan Song

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after seven years of fun,  I renewed this domain name & hosting for the last time.

like many former Flash developers, I moved to JS. I didn’t want to mix things up (AS != JS) so I opened BARRADEAU.COM to gather my new stuff, along with a  new blog called YOUPI!  where I share my musings in graphic code.

as I’m not going to write ActionScript anytime soon, maintaining this site is therefore irrelevant.

now as it represents a fair bit of the time I spent learning how to code graphics, it’s a bit like ripping my heart out so I decided to make the thing available as public domain archives.


  • for a start, this whole blog frozen in time and space: HIDIHO !
  • which originated from my blog in french: TROP BIEN LE BLOG !


  • the ActionScript folder only:ActionScript (400Mo…)
  • the Android Folder:Android (sources for these apps )
  • the Processing folder :Processing(ultra light)
  • the Haxe folder:Haxe NME (now OpenFL)


as opposed to a blog where I clean up things and (try to) give clear insights, most of the above are unsorted, broken, poorly named, unversioned & dirty. things (including code) may be written in french and instructions – when present – are kept minimal & cryptic always try a SHIFT or CTRL click, or hit SPACE… might help. it might also contain libs and samples gathered on the internet, probably from one of the blogs listed in the blogroll.

there are pretty good stuff too, long forgotten demos, early unfinished games , attempts  and shit. ”libs” or tools that can be of interest.  those are all yours for the taking.


so many shits were dumped here I can’t help but select the finest :

looking back, this blog is the story of me learning code, becoming better, more organized, more emphasizes one crucial fact that a friend of mine once put this way:

if what you do on a daily basis is shit

then your life is shit.

I’m glad to say I enjoyed every minute of what I did here.thank you for having been around, for your comments, your support and your enthusiasm.

& remember,

the party goes on at YOUPI!


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