Rock-Paper-Scissors, anyone? Humans vs. Apache Spark

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First, came the Rock-Paper-Scissors game played by children for generations. The game evolved to one that can be played between humans and computers. The Cloud Data Services Developer Advocacy team created the game by using the IBM Analytics for Apache® Spark™ service, which you can find in IBM Bluemix® .

You can play the game yourself or read how they created the game .

Can you beat the robot?

The team took this a step further by training an Aldebaran NAO robot, named Marvin, to play the game. Marvin is going to be in the IBM Booth #349 at Strata & Hadoop World New York. If you’re lucky enough to attend Strata & Hadoop World, stop by and play Roshambo with Marvin. Marvin is machine learning, so if you beat Marvin on Tuesday, you probably won’t be able to beat him on Thursday!

Here’s a video of a couple team members meeting Marvin for the first time.

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