Log Buffer #487: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

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This Log Buffer Edition covers blog posts fromOracle, SQL Server andMySQL.


How to Modify the Retention Time for Metric Data in EM13c

Oracle JET Hybrid – Calling Oracle MobileCloud REST

Real Talk : PL/SQL and SQL as your only development skill

Application Container Cloud : Node.js hosting with enterprise-grade features

Using the PayPal REST API from PL/SQL

SQL Server:

Bash for ETL pre-processing

Writing Better T-SQL : Top-Down Design May Not be the Best Choice

Master Data Management ( MDM ) Using SQL Server

The Exploratory Testing Chrome Plugin

AT TIME ZONE – a new favourite feature in SQL Server 2016


Use the index, JSON ! Aggregation performance (Elastic, MySQL, MongoDB)

Moving data from MongoDB to MySQL’s JSON Document Store

Vagrant environment to test MySQL Group Replication 0.8

MySQL Group Replication: securing the perimeter!

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL, gh-ost perspective

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