Build The Web - Issue 39 - 17th Aug 2016

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Database Merging Made Easy: Something We've Been Working On for the Past Year

Brad from Delicious Brains announced yesterday the project I've been working on for the last year. You should definitely check it out!

Front End Development

Smooth as Butter: Achieving 60 FPS Animations with CSS3

José Rosário shares some very helpful techniques for getting to 60 fps animations with CSS3.


The cost of small modules

An interesting insight into the performance cost of using module loaders with lots of modules.


New Community Project: Laravel Notification Channels

I'm very excited about Laravel 5.3's notifications and the community has started a GitHub org for third party channels.

Useful Tools & Libraries

Notion – Docs, wikis, tasks, seamlessly in one

Notion looks like a cracking app if you want everything in a single place.

Responsive HTML Email Templates for Startups, Developers and Marketers

Lee Munroe released this great set of (paid for) responsive HTML email templates this week.

Just For Fun


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