HTTP/2 Online test - Including guides to enable HTTP/2 on Apache, Nginx and Litespeed

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Here is a nifty tool to check if any public web site supports HTTP/2 protocol.

HTTP.Pro - Online web site HTTP/2 test

This web service will attempt to connect the given URL over HTTP/2 protocol, and report the connection information. If HTTP/2 is supported, you will get a nice green check mark . It will also include ALPN/NPN status and whether any assets were offered to be pushed from the server.

If the site does not support HTTP/2, it will attempt to figure out the type of the web server software the site is using, and refer to a guide to enable HTTP/2 for that server software. Currently, there are guides available for Apache HTTP/2 support , Nginx HTTP/2 support , and Litespeed HTTP/2 support .

Hope you find this tool useful. Kthxbye