Where the DB market goes from here, plus a new data structure server

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Where the Database Market Goes From Here

The database market of today looks significantly different to that of a decade ago, but Stephen O’Grady, foudner of RedMonk, thinks even more change is on the horizon.

Stephen O'Grady   opinion 

Knuckleball: A New Data Structure Server

Reminds me of Redis. Uses a language with syntax similar to that of Smalltalk to manipulate data types like booleans, characters, integers, floats and strings, and containers like vectors, sets and dictionaries.

Rodrigo A .​ Lima    code 

SQLite 3.14 Released: Now Supports CSV Virtual Tables

This “Pi release” includes a variety of performance increases and support for CSV virtual tables .

SQLite   news 

Diagnose Query Latency with Datadog

To get to the bottom of database performance issues, you need high-resolution data from all your systems. See metrics from all your database instances, client applications, load balancers, and more with Datadog.

Datadog   sponsored 

What Do The Olympics, Euro 2016, and Databases Have In Common?

Can you develop a system that predicts football match results? Or Olympic medal outcomes? Here’s a look at a model that can store the results of matches and tournaments.

Emil Drkušić   tutorial 

Ephemeral Databases with ZFS

How the Greenhouse Engineering team brought clone time down from hours to milliseconds using Mesos, Docker, and ZFS.

Diana Liu   tutorial 

Sqlectron: A Simple SQL Desktop Client for Multiple Databases

A simple and lightweight SQL client desktop/terminal supporting Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server on Linux, OS X and Windows.

Sqlectron   tools 


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Quick Bites

Open Source Tool 'Rethinks' Databases

An open source tool for writing queries and modelling data for use with RethinkDB is being positioned as an alternative to developing applications using the ReQL query language.

George Leopold   news 

A 'Simple Moving Objects' Database with Postgres

A guide for how you can deal with geospatial objects and track them over time.

Gašper Žejn   tutorial 

Triggers in a .NET NoSQL Database

Basit Anwer   tutorial 

Using legacy and modern databases in parallel to build a healthcare app

Tutorial for combining auto-generated APIs from MySQL and MongoDB to build a medication tracker.

DreamFactory   sponsored   tutorial 

Realtime Data Processing at Facebook

Murat Demirbas   story 

AWS Aurora vs. AWS RDS MySQL Checklist

Jack Bezalel   opinion 

Why Most Programmers Get Pagination Wrong

TL;DR: OFFSET pagination bad. Keyset pagination good.

JavaOOQ   opinion 

Concurrency Behavior: MongoDB vs. Couchbase

Keshav Murthy   opinion 

Try Compose PostgreSQL, get a free tshirt

This month we're giving away free t-shirts for new deployments of Compose PostgreSQL. Sign up and deploy a HA, 3-node Postgres cluster with daily backups and autoscaling in minutes.

Compose   sponsored   tools 

MaxScale: An Intelligent Database Proxy

A proxy that allows forwarding of database statements to one or more servers using complex rules.

MariaDB Corporation   tools 


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