Scalable Learning of Bayesian Network Classifiers; Ana M. Martínez, Geoffrey I. Webb, Sheng...

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Scalable Learning of Bayesian Network Classifiers

Ana M. Martínez, Geoffrey I. Webb, Shenglei Chen, Nayyar A. Zaidi ; 17(44):1−35, 2016.


Ever increasing data quantity makes ever more urgent the need for highly scalable learners that have good classification performance. Therefore, an out-of-core learner with excellent time and space complexity, along with high expressivity (that is, capacity to learn very complex multivariate probability distributions) is extremely desirable. This paper presents such a learner. We propose an extension to the $k$-dependence Bayesian classifier (KDB) that discriminatively selects a sub- model of a full KDB classifier. It requires only one additional pass through the training data, making it a three-pass learner. Our extensive experimental evaluation on $16$ large data sets reveals that this out-of-core algorithm achieves competitive classification performance, and substantially better training and classification time than state-of-the-art in-core learners such as random forest and linear and non-linear logistic regression.


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