BDD / Cucumber / Gherkin - Hidden Gems on SoundCloud!

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I was just derping around on SoundCloud yesterday just listening to music while I worked. Because I had cucumber acceptance tests on my mind from my open feature files (also I was eating a salad with cucumber haha) my fingers for some reason decided to type "cucumber" into the search box.

I saw one user with the official cucumber language image as their profile picture, and I thought to myself, "ah, that's cute. Some programmer/troll must have made an account and just used that image". 

When I clicked on it, however, I realized that this account was dedicated to uploaded cucumber-related talks and podcasts!

Here's a link to the SoundCloud Cucumber profile page: ​

I've already listened to  Mob Programming and Cucumber Anti-Patterns , both excellent episodes.I can't wait to listen to the others. I liked these two so much that I might even do a separate blog post for each and write up a Key Takeaways list. Now that you're aware this wealth of learning and information is available (and totally free!), I hope you check them out and enjoy them as much as I did!

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