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It is Friday and I am relaxing a bit. I have been playing around with the iA Writer editor editor. I am writing a lot in Markdown these days, so I am trying out different editors.

I am writing my books using R Markdown and besides RStudio there aren’t really many editors I can use for it. I don’t like to write long texts in RStudio so I write the books in Sublime Text and translate them into PDF, EPUB and MOBI using Pandoc . It works okay, but but I still want to try other things.

iA Writer doesn’t seem to want to work with files with the .Rmd suffix, so it won’t let me open the files I have for my books. That is pretty annoying. But since it can’t do syntax highlighting of code blocks and call Make from the editor, it probably isn’t the right choice for my editor there. I tried out an editor implemented in R with Shiny as well, I don’t recall the name right now, and it worked fine but through a web browser and wasn’t as responsive as Sublime Text so I quickly gave up on it.

Yesterday I played around a bit with the Atom editor but I couldn’t figure out how to tell it that .Rmd file are Markdown files so it wasn’t as good as Sublime Text either.

iA Writer integrates with WordPress so I am writing this post in it. I can’t see any way to upload images from it though, the same problem I had with Desk PM , but at least it lets me upload a post as a draft and then sends me to the web page to make final edits, so I can handle it there. Still, it would be nice if I could upload images from the editor.

Blogo can upload images, so it is possible, but I much prefer the simple text-only interface that iA Writer has that lets me write completely distraction free.

Is there something like iA Writer around that also lets me upload images to WordPress?

One little thing I find odd with iA Writer is that it lets you syntax highlight text based on grammar, so verbs and nouns and adverbs are different colours, but it doesn’t let you for example highlight based on style guides and such. I don’t much see the usefulness of knowing which grammatical category each word is, but I could easily see the use for a style checker. There is something like that in GitBook, where it can highlight when you are writing in the passive voice or when you are using weasel-words. I would love to have that in an editor.

Anyway, enough playing around for today. I am heading offline to read. I started Ed Yong’s I Contain Multitudes yesterday and I look forward to a few more chapters tonight.

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