ReactJS MobX Webpack Boilerplate

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ReactJs ReactDOM Mobx Webpack Boilerplate

Quickstart project template for learning React.


This boilerplate is purposefully simple to show the minimal setup needed to create React projects with mobX,Webpack and Babel. It aims to be a starting point for learning React, with low cognitive load and as such avoids having many separate config files and advanced configuration options, while providing a solid foundation for new React projects.


Clone this repository


npm install

Start the application in development mode

npm start

Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

Static files are served from the public folder, project JavaScript files are bundled from the app folder.

When ready, build for production

npm run build

This will generate a minimized bundle.js file on the public folder.


  • React & React-DOM
  • MobX
  • Webpack & webpack-dev-server
  • Babel Core
  • Babel Loader (With "es2015" and "react" presets)


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