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 1 192:lib rcf$ java -cp lucene-core-4.8-SNAPSHOT.jar -ea:org.apache.lucene... org.apache.lucene.index.CheckIndex 
 3 ERROR: index path not specified
 5 Usage: java org.apache.lucene.index.CheckIndex pathToIndex [-fix] [-crossCheckTermVectors] [-segment X] [-segment Y] [-dir-impl X]
 7   -fix: actually write a new segments_N file, removing any problematic segments
 8   -crossCheckTermVectors: verifies that term vectors match postings; THIS IS VERY SLOW!
 9   -codec X: when fixing, codec to write the new segments_N file with
10   -verbose: print additional details
11   -segment X: only check the specified segments.  This can be specified multiple
12               times, to check more than one segment, eg '-segment _2 -segment _a'.
13               You can't use this with the -fix option
14   -dir-impl X: use a specific FSDirectory implementation. If no package is specified the package will be used.
16 **WARNING**: -fix should only be used on an emergency basis as it will cause
17 documents (perhaps many) to be permanently removed from the index.  Always make
18 a backup copy of your index before running this!  Do not run this tool on an index
19 that is actively being written to.  You have been warned!
21 Run without -fix, this tool will open the index, report version information
22 and report any exceptions it hits and what action it would take if -fix were
23 specified.  With -fix, this tool will remove any segments that have issues and
24 write a new segments_N file.  This means all documents contained in the affected
25 segments will be removed.
27 This tool exits with exit code 1 if the index cannot be opened or has any
28 corruption, else 0.


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