Gettin' Swifty With It - Issue 4 - Jan 14th 2016

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It's been a long time!

Sorry for the delay everyone. The holidays combined with the flurry or work and moving to a new apartment put me behind. But I'm back on my grind!

P.S. I'm writing a Swift related book. If you're interested, please email me at

Gettin' Swifty With It

News in the Land of Kacheflowe

So I decided to start a podcast with my friends. Cause, you know, It's not like sleep matters. :)

Anyways the podcast is called SwiftCast . I'm joined by Phatblat-Sensei, AKA Ben Chatelain and dwaite-Shifu AKA David Waite as co-hosts. Together we'll explore the most interesting proposals for OS Swift. Joining us on occasion will be Jesse Squire (@jesse_squires) of Instagram.

I'll be speaking at iOSDevUK this September 2016.

I'll be speaking at Denver's Women Who Code in March 2016.

Look out for interviews with me on Thomas Hanning's podcast, an interview on the SimpleProgrammer podcast,, and on the Development Fire podcast.

Gettin' Swifty With It

Swift Developer's Cookbook (includes Content Update Program), The | InformIT

You know her. The once and future queen of iOS. The first to have her Swift proposal accepted by Apple. Dr. Erica Sadun. I picked up this book about two weeks ago and it's amazing. Pick it up if you can. It's beautifully written and invokes Sadun's typical, playful writing style.

Tips & Tricks

Swift and C, with Chris Eidhof - Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data

The incredibly brilliant--and surprisingly silly--Chris Eidhof of in this talk from #Pragma 2015, demonstrates how to wrap a C library (!) from Swift, enabling Swift developers to use the C standard library on all sorts of platforms. This should definitely be of interest to those who plan to use Swift without the standard Apple Libraries.

Open Source Swift

Partially Constrained Protocols [Was: [Proposal] Separate protocols and interfaces]

So my friend, @dwaite submitted a proposal to the Swift team... It's a doozy, but worth the read.

Swift Programming Commentary

The Death of Cocoa - NSHipster

A FASCINATING and old read by Mattt Thompson. Thompson argues that Cocoa is on its last legs. Honestly, I would tend to agree with him. I think Cocoa will continue to be supported for a while, for sure, but we may have reached the peak and are now entering the downturn. I'd be curious to hear readers thoughts on this.

Swift development realities — Erica Sadun

All you need to know from this article comes from the first line of the first paragraph: "Swift 3 is going to break your code. It’s a given. It was a given when the Swift team presented, opened the Swift evolution repo and mailing list, and allowed an early peek into already accepted proposals. If you’re not living in beta land, you will see it when 2.2 starts to warn what 3.x will break."

Let the tears flow.

Cool New Repos


Simon is brilliant. Simon is kind. But holy moly is Simon hand with Core Image. Check out this filter system he created. (Simon is also known as "FlexMonkey")


Super sweet syntactic sugar for Swift initializers.

Misc. Cool Stuff

Software Eats Software Development As Andreessen Invests $10M In App Outsourcer Gigster | TechCrunch

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately: the downfall of modern development. Not that it'll happen anytime soon. But this seems to indicate there are rumblings...

Developer On Fire - Chris Eidhof - Just Have to Code, Initiative, and Complimentary Skills and Personality

An old cut featuring an interview with one of my favorite developers, Chris Eidhof. I'll be on this podcast next week!

The Accident

Recently my friend Ben Chatelain was hit by a car. One of the things he's stressed post-accident is the importance he places towards his loved ones and how it has been doubled. Get ready for the feels on this one.

Machine Learning

Natural Language Processing in Swift with Ayaka Nonaka (Video) - Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for SQLite & Core Data

Lately, I've been deeply exploring machine learning. And Ayaka Nonoka of Venmo is no stranger to the wonders of Machine Learning. In this lovely lecture, she presents a way to deal with spam via an exercise which identifies the difference between spam and ham. She identifies the most commonly used worcs per category and devises a way via iOS to take care of these emails.

Build Configuration Optimization

Mac Server Setup

When I entered my first big boy job re: iOS I was greeted by something I had never encountered before: build servers and continuous integration. In order to correct for this I bought my first, cheap, Mac Mini. Turns out setting up a build server is harder than one might initially think. In this article Phatblat (aka Ben Chatelain) provides a step-by-step guide on the beginning steps needed to build a Mac server.

Test automation for iOS - Blacklane Tech

This is the summary of the testing practice that they have at Blacklane GmbH by the end of 2015.

To make it well-scoped the group describes only the stable parts of their infrastructure and do not include itemrs they're still working on.


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