Revisiting the Anatomy of HTTP: Part I

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One of the key driving factors behind the various web/mobile performance initiatives is the fact that end-users’ tolerance for latency has nose-dived. Several studies have been published whereby it has been demonstrated that poor performance routinely impacts the bottom line, viz., # users, # transactions, etc. Examples studies include this , this , and this . There are several sources of performance bottlenecks, viz., but not limited to:

  • Large numbers of redirects
  • Increasing use of images and/or videos without supporting optimizations such as compression and form factor aware content delivery
  • Increasing use of JavaScript
  • Performance tax of using SSL (as discussed here and here )
  • Increasing use of third-party services which, in most cases, become the longest pole from a performance standpoint

Over five years back, we had written a blog on the anatomy of HTTP. In the Internet era, five years is a long time. There has been a sea change across the board and hence we thought it was time to revisit the subject for the benefit of the community as a whole. The figure below shows the key components of a HTTP request.

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Revisiting the Anatomy of HTTP: Part I

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