anynines Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry Beta Tile

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anynines introduces the first beta version of the anynines Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile. Redis is a popular data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. If you are eager to know about the upcoming features,hop to the last paragraphof this post.

“We’re glad to extend our PCF tile collection with Redis. Redis is still a popular choice of many customers to implement session and full page caching, leaderboards etc.“ – Oliver Wolf, Lead Platform Engineer in the anynines Data Services Team

What the anynines Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile can do for you

The anynines Redis for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile allows Pivotal Cloud Foundry users to provision fully configured Redis instances on demand. BOSH is used to provision Redis server instances in a reliable, repeatable way on every infrastructure Cloud Foundry can be deployed to. Each instance runs on a dedicated VM, which has the advantage of clearly defined networking, disk, CPU and I/O resources. Choosing different service plans results in different Redis instances, that vary in performance.

Where can I download the Redis tile?

You can find the Redis tile in the Pivotal Network at .

Further documentation is also available in the Pivotal Network at .

Need help?

For further information feel free tocontact us. Note that we also support customers to get their proof of concept installation running.

Upcoming Features

For the next Redis tile for PCF release we have planned the following features:

  • High Availability: Using Redis Sentinel we can provide high availability for Redis.
  • Persistence: We want to support Redis’ durability. Current a9s Redis tile plans are non-persistent only.
  • Automatic Cloud Foundry security groups update: While the a9s service guard is already available for Open Source Cloud Foundry setups, this component is not part of the a9s Redis tile for PCF yet.
  • Automatic backup of all service instances: This feature is also available for Open Source Cloud Foundry setups. In the next major release it will also be included in the a9s Redis tile.