Citrix XenServer 7: Building the Foundations of a Great Future

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By now you’ve probably heard about XenServer 7  and its cool new features. However, this release is more than just its feature list – we’ve also been investing in the foundations to make XenServer 7 a platform on which we can deliver even more innovation, features and enhancements over time.

Let’s take a look at a few of the platform and architectural changes we’ve made under the covers of XenServer 7.

But before we start let’s take a look at XenServer’s architecture for a bit of orientation. The Xen Project hypervisor is a “type 1” hypervisor that runs directly on the hardware. On top of this we run a privileged Linux virtual machine, called “domain 0” and based on CentOS, that runs the management toolstack and API, contains drivers for network and storage I/O, etc., and whole bunch of other stuff.

So what’s changed?

Domain 0 Linux version

One significant change in XenServer 7 is the upgrade of the domain 0 environment from CentOS 5.10 to CentOS 7.2.1511. In itself, the domain 0 Linux environment does not deliver any customer visible features however, because it hosts most of the on-server components of XenServer, it is hugely important to the operation of those components and our ability to add new features that depend upon them. By moving to an up to date, but stable and enterprise grade, Linux platform we are well placed to support XenServer 7 well into the future, benefiting from bug fixes and improvements coming from the CentOS project and its upstream providers and open-source communities.

Read the entire article here, XenServer 7: Building the Foundations of a Great Future

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