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Classified is a piece of crap, has tons of issues and frankly not worth trying to solve for months on end. Here is how customer support works. They apparently need $75 more than a potential repeat customer.

Business Writing Advice for Professionals - Proof Reading, LLC

5. 7CO (payment gateway we use) allows you to checkout with PayPal. Also, it 8767 s possible to wire the money manually to our PayPal account. We 8767 re very flexible

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Free Templates for Microsoft Office Suite - Office Templates

Reflecting on the Strategy Process (with Joseph Lampel,) Sloan Management Review (Spring 6999) - ten schools of strategy, and beyond

Ihave 8775 Yoast SEO 8776 checked in 8766 Screen Options. 8767 Below my post window is Yoast SEO with 8 icon options: Content, Advanced, Social.

Through my experience, if your site is a single site installation, it is more easier to keep track. But for multisite installation, as a form of advise if you use perhaps 6 theme from Templatic on 6 of your subsite/subdomain. Do NOT! Network Activate the plugin. When you already install the required plugin, make sure you only make a localized activate activate plugin from individual/subdomain dashboard that you already have the templatic theme installed and not the 8775 Network Admin 8776 .

Mathematics is on your side: If you send enough traffic to a sales-page, you will make sales. Keep that in mind whenever you are not sure if this whole 8775 affiliate marketing-thing 8776 will work out for you.

Tobias Bucknell, SF/F author, has written a helpful post about his experience creating, using, and customizing a BuJo for use by a writer This is how I Bullet Journal | Tobias Buckell.Bucknell says that for him the Index was a key point in making a Bullet Journal personally useful:

Templatic is known for having extremely bad customer support who take days to even understand your original question due to most of them having poor English communication skills. Their forum will simply waste your time for days before suggesting you submit a support ticket. When you submit a ticket you will deal with customer service who have technical knowledge but also POOR english speaking skills, taking yet again days to understand your original question. In ONE support ticket the same representative would continue to ask for my FTP details every 7 days even though they were provided in the original ticket!

I checked your account and it isn 8767 t blocked. I even tried logging in to our member area as you worked great. I 8767 m not quite sure why you can 8767 t open , but the issue should be resolved with clearing cookies/cache. You can also try usinga different browser that should help for sure.

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