Citrix XenServer Health Check: From Enrollment to Diagnostic Results

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XenServer 7 has been launched, and following on from the recent blog post announcing the XenServer Health Check feature, I want to get into more detail about the main aspects of this feature. Chiefly, how a XenServer pool can be enrolled into Health Check, how the Health Check upload is performed and how the Health Check analysis results are made available to the XenServer users.


This is an opt-in feature, with enrollment done from XenCenter. There are a few settings required for the enrollment:

  • Health Check upload schedule: the frequency, in weeks (defaulted to 2 weeks), day of the week and time when you prefer the Health Check report to be automatically uploaded to Citrix Insight Services (defaulted to a random day of the week and to a random time between 1AM and 5AM). This allows admins to schedule the Health Check uploads for different pools on different days of the week and at a time convenient to them.
  • XenServer credentials: these are the credentials that the XenServer Health Check Service will use to connect to the XenServer pool in order to collect the Health Check report.

Read the entire article here, XenServer Health Check: From Enrollment to Diagnostic Results

via the fine folks at Citrix Systems, Inc.



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