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Chatbots are about to get a whole lot more interesting

Today was an exciting day at Facebook’s F8. If you missed the keynote, we have you covered with our notes below:

Key Points:

  • Directing customers or future customers to Messenger versus sending to a web page or app you will generate lift if you build the right Messenger experience
  • Users prefer to use Messenger to interact with companies
  • Financial Service companies are finding great market fit with Messenger

The Numbers:

  • 1.2 Billion people using Facebook Messenger
  • 100,000 bots are on FB Messenger
  • 100,000 developers are building bot for Messenger

Successful Use Cases:

  • Companies and brands are finding success over a variety of use cases:
  • Raising Awareness
  • Acquiring Customers
  • Providing Better Customer Service
  • Enabling Commerce
  • Financial Services

Messenger Platform 2.0 Debuts:

  • Discovery: Today with Messenger 2.0, users can now intuitively find the best bots much easier. Discover from Facebook will showcase popular bots within the platform, nearby places that you can message, and business that are currently using messenger to answer questions. Discover also includes categories like as Entertainment, News, Food and more. You will need to complete the Facebook discovery submission to make sure all of your details are up to date.
Discover on Facebook Messenger 2.0
  • Hand-over Protocol. Creating a different experience within a bot is where I see bots winning. As a marketer, we always strive to create a personalized experience. Now developers will have the ability to pass a conversation to bot to human and vice versa based on the conversation. Also, different business functions can live within a bot. Take Facebook’s example: if you want to offer personal shopping services and customer support but each function is operated separately, everything (and everyone) can now work together in one bot.
  • Parametric Messenger Codes: Have you tried using a QR code to grow your user base? It seldom works, and honestly, I often find it frustrating to scan codes, so we will if this plays out. The Parametric code promises to be a tool to drive offline-to-online traffic. Businesses can generate multiple codes and A/B test which codes are used more often. Codes can also be used to take a user to a different action within the bot.
  • Chat Extensions: You can now bring a bot into a conversation with more than one person. We expect this to be a costly endeavor for many brands. Remember the iMessage apps that brands launched a few months back…?

Overall, our team excited for the launch of Facebook Messenger 2.0 and the enchantments of the product. We will keep you updated as more features roll out and evolve. You can watch the full Messenger portion of today’s keynote below:


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