Simplifying IT infrastructure decisions

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What’s driving your server purchase? Nearly half of new server purchases are refreshing or replacing older servers, the other half are powering a new project or adding capacity. No matter which category you fall into, your choices on how to architect a solution are significantly more robust than they were just five years ago. According to IDC, the average lifecycle of an x86 server is 4-5 years.  Considering the hardware, software and technology advances, how do you evaluate which architecture will not only power your applications but also reduce IT complexity and ensure you are maximizing your per core licensing expenses?

Only Dell gives you the ability to remove the guesswork, and for the first time directly compare your existing environment to reference architectures. There are a lot of ways to architect a new infrastructure. From more traditional architectures like rack servers and a SAN to converged, hyper-converged and software defined. Understanding your true resource requirements removes the guesswork of evaluating and sizing a solution and provides a solid foundation on which to base a new infrastructure.

Using Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (DPACK) as a performance measure, customers can visualize their infrastructures requirements and then directly compare to some of the most popular reference architectures. DPACK is an agentless, non-disruptive software that runs remotely to gather core metrics such as disk I/O, throughput, CPU utilization, memory utilization, free and used capacity and network throughput.  Analyzing these key workload characteristics enables DPACK to remove the guesswork in data center expansion and even troubleshooting key challenges around back up windows.  Run DPACK in your own environment and directly compare your results to the reference architectures.

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