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The charts demo is one of the most elaborate/messy demos we have as it was derived/ported from an aChartEngine demo. Since theCodename One charts are themselves a derivative of aChartEngine this makes a lot of sense but the demo is a bit big and hard to follow.

However, it does show off a lot of the chart types that can be created using the charts package. As such it is a very valuable demo…​

We’d love to modernize it more but time constraints make this impractical, for now we did the following:

  • Added a new tablet mode which makes the demo look completely different on the tablet using it’s screen dimensions properly

  • Streamlined the colors/fonts - a lot of the charts were inconsistent and had really tiny/unreadable fonts

  • Switched to Toolbar - while we don’t make extensive use of this API in the demo it’s now the base API

  • Migrated the code to Java 8 syntax - we didn’t do it for every case where it could be used but the project is now a Java 8 project

  • Added pinch/pan to all the charts - this uses the builtin API in the ChartComponent class

  • Added some experimental features (e.g. chart editing) which are turned off by default at the moment. These were half baked and getting this to work across all the charts and with all the features would have been challenging

Things like pinch to zoom don’t work in the JavaScript port for some reason but they should work reasonably well on the device. You can check out the live JavaScript demo in thedemo page.

The Source

Check out the full source code for the demo in the github repository for the Charts demo .

This demo will be integrated into the upcoming new project wizards in the various IDEs.

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