5 Best HTML5 Game Framework

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Games built with HTML5 can run on mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablet pc, and the web browser. You simply write the code once and run on all devices. Much like the slogan of java, write once, run everywhere.

To facilitate future development created a special framework to create games with HTML5. Purpose is to make it easier. The developers start to make HTML 5 Game framework. If you are serious in the development,use a framework. This is the key.

Well, with the HTML 5 Game framework, you could make the game easily and quickly. Check here to see some of the HTML5 game .

There are many HTML 5 Game framework that you can use. There are free and paid, but most of them are free.  If you are serious, you could pick a framework and are devoted to it, become an expert in it. Yes, this is just an advice from us. To that end, we would like to share some Html5 game framework which you can choose.


is a gaming framework that features quite complete. Supports the use of canvas or DOM object for drawing. Some games made with this framework such as the Defend the den , Cron , Code Comander and others


Molecule HTML5 Game Framework

Molecule framework has been built by enthusiast game developers with more than five years of experience on mobile gaming and more than ten on general game development.

Example game build with molecule is flappy friends


PandaJS HTML5 Game Framework

PandaJs is a framework that includes key features such as particle engine, canvas or the web GL renderer, timer, sound manager and others. They also provide tutorials and some examples of games.


Solpeo HTML5 Game Framework

The Solpeo Engine is a powerful, HTML5-based game engine that simplifies 2D and isometric games development. Develop Once, Play Anywhere.

Some examples of game : Pantry Breaker , Pirates

Download / Read more

MightyEngine HTML5 Game Framework

This Framework is still in beta, but it has a cool key features: Game editor, Level editor, Modularity, UI/UX templates and more. It feels like, you deserve to wait for the final version of MightEngine.

Some examples of game : Guardian angel , Mighty Digger (i realy love this game)

Download / Read more


That’s some HTML5 game framework proper to try. HTML5 has the potential to be developed more. Be a part of it

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