Useful Tools For AngularJS Developers

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Angular JS is a new, fast and popular framework to create quick and fast Applications. The most demanding framework can ease the life of a developer, as it streamlines creating the dynamic views in the Web Applications. It also extends the old HTML to simplify your process.

Today, we will discuss the most popular and useful tools to streamline your workflow to build fantastic applications. The list contains modules, extensions, testing and debugging tools. If you have any other tools other than discussed here, you can share your tools in the article comments.

Let’s start to explore the world of the fabulous tools to enhance your productivity, which also simplify your life, to develop rich UI Applications and perform the debugging, testing and add UI to the modules.

WebStorm is the smartest JavaScript IDE, which is lightweight, powerful, equipped with the complex client side and Server side node.js. It has extended the features to support for JavaScript, HTML, CSS to Angular JS, Meteor and much more. It has built-in code assistance features like errors detection and powerful navigation. It supports Git and SVN Version Control System. Now, it supports Angular 2, Typescript and React.

Sublime Text is a stylish text editor for the code. It has a sleek user interface, amazing features and reliable performance. With the Goto feature, you can go to any thing and open it with keystrokes. Multiple selection makes it possible to change more than one instance. Distraction free mode enables you to seamlessly work with the full screen. Split editing makes it possible to work on the single file with the multiple changes at a time without any hassle. It is available for the cross platform. Angular JS works by adding the package from here .

Aptana is a free open source IDE, which is a customized version of the eclipse, which focuses on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Integrated Debugger is available to make it easy to find the issue. It also has a git support. You can even customize the look and feel of the IDE, as per your requirement. To extend IDE for AngularJS, you need to install an extension of the Angular JS from the Eclipse marketplace.


is a test runner tool for Angular JS and other scripting languages. The main theme of Karma is that, we believe in testing and that’s why we created Karma. The other good thing about Karma is it does not make a test complex by allowing it to load dozens of configurations but rather focuses on productivity and creativity by simply writing the code and getting instant feedback. It supports running the test on real devices and Browsers.

Jasmine is a behavior driven testing framework for JavaScript and it does not depend on the Browsers, DOM or any framework. Due to this, it is popular for the Websites, node.js and everywhere JavaScript runs.

Protractor is an end to end testing framework for Angular Applications. It’s built on top of the WEBDRIVERJS, which uses the native Browser events and drivers to interact with your Application like a user. With this, you can test the Application without any seamless effort on your end. Automatic waiting option lets you no have to wait for the next event to test it automatically after finishing --  the pending task executes the next test.

Batarang is a debugging tool and it is available as a Chrome extension from the  Chrome webstore . It will inspect your Application and show the results in three different tabs. The tabs include the model, dependency and the performance. You can also control the dependency to show in the tabs.

Ng-inspector is a Browser extension, supported in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. It is the inspection tool for AngularJS. You can inspect and highlight DOM elements, as you hover over the scope. You can see the real time scope changes, like variables values, and checking the model, and the scope is updated in real time. Through this, you can debug, develop and inspect Angular JS Applications.

Mobile Angular UI is a mobile UI framework to build Mobile UI rich Applications with the real power of HTML5 and Angular JS. It has the essential mobile components which are missing in Bootstrap 3. It does not require jQuery dependencies, as it requires just simple Angular directives to streamline your Workflow.

Restangular is the Restful Service, which supports Get , UPDATE , Delete and Post methods in a simplified manner. Its requirement is best met with an Application, which is using REST API.

Angular UI is a collection of components built using AngularJS. Its ready-made directives make life easier and increases the productivity of building the Application.

ngDocs lets you learn AngularJS even on the mobile, if you feel like, if you do not have enough time to learn Angular on your desktop PC. Try this great app designed for this purpose to keep learning without any platform specialties with the enriched features like offline support documentation, Developer Guide, tutorial for the beginners, fast navigation, code samples, voice search and view source features.

Videogular is the futuristic HTML5 player for Angular JS. It is a video Application framework for the desktop and mobile, powered by AngularJS. Extended features includes Cue Point to bind the properties and trigger the functions. Directives are bindable, Plugins, theme support and mobile support, which are required in this era.

Angular Angury is a Chrome developer tool extension for profiling and debugging Angular 2 apps. It shows the visualization, using the component trees and debugging tools. It shows an immediate effect on Application structure, change detection and performance. It is an open source and any one can contribute to make it better.

Codelyzer is a static analysis tool for Angular 2 typescripts project. You can even run the static code analysis on your Web Applications. Some of the popular rules are directive selector name prefix, component selector name prefix and do not use




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