Updates to SSIS Catalog Compare

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The launch of SSIS Catalog Compare is approaching. If you purchase the beta (or preview) version before the v1.0 product launch for $95 USD, you will enjoy lifetime updates of the product and no yearly maintenance fees for support, updates, and upgrades. If you wait, you will have to pay more for the product and you will have to pay a yearly maintenance fee for product support, updates, and upgrades.

The preview version (v1.0.6.0) surfaces more SSIS package metadata – Package Version, Package Version Comments, and Package Version GUID. The new properties are compared when one executes a Compare operation. The results of two different versions of the same SSIS project / packages are shown below:

“Why is this important, Andy?”

I’m glad you asked. The purpose of SSIS Catalog Compare is to support DevOps and Data Integration Lifecycle Management (DILM) in your enterprise. A match between Package version metadata provides some level of comfort that the versions of the SSIS Packages in one SSIS Catalog are the same as the versions in another SSIS Catalog.

Why did I write “ some ?” It’s possible to deploy different SSIS packages with the same Package Version metadata. It requires extra steps, but it is not impossible.

Our goal in adding these fields is to provide due diligence with the results of comparing the contents of two SSIS Catalogs.


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