Mozilla Is Looking To Build A Recommendation System: Context Graph

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Mozilla Is Looking To Build A Recommendation System: Context Graph

Written by Michael Larabel inMozilla on 6 July 2016 at 08:07 PM EDT.Add A Comment

If Mozilla didn't already have their hands full with enough projects, the latest they are looking to engage in is a recommendation system to potentially upset the likes of Facebook and Google when it comes to looking for similar sites/resources.

Mozilla is hoping to build a better "forward button" into Firefox that would be derived from inputs of similar pages previously viewed by Firefox users, location data, and more. Nick Nguyen of Mozilla announced this Context Graph project and gave an example, "We’re calling it [Context Graph] because we believe that developing an understanding of browser activity at scale unlocks the next generation of web discovery on the internet. For instance, if you’re learning about how to do something new, like bike repair, our forward button should help you learn bike repair based on others who have taken the same journey. This should work regardless of whom you’re connected to, because your social network shouldn’t be a prerequisite for getting the most from the web."

In order to build this contextual system, Mozilla of course needs to build up all of this data. To do so, they are looking for users to volunteer their browser data for the system.

You can learn more about this experimental Context Graph system from Mozilla via this Medium post .


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