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Phone Screening Without Limits

A collaborative environment to conduct interviews for any tech.

Why CodeBlimp?

Existing tools are too restrictive. Forget shared screens or codepads, they just don’t work. CodeBlimp gives you unlimited power with full shell access and real-time collaboration.

Run Anything

Why be restricted with few compilers or single-page file when you can install ANYTHING. From a new webserver to your favorite database. Just apt-get it and you’re done!

Hack Together

From building an app from scratch to debugging existing code. You can hack together using our ​powerful code editor and shared terminal.

It's Instant

Spin a machine with one click. Just share the link with your candidate and start interviewing in seconds.

Unlimited Power

Get UNLIMITED power using full shell access so that you can do whatever you want! Do git clone , setup a database or deploy a webserver without any limits.

Personal Sub-domain

Your backend is automatically hosted on <YourMachine> when your app listens on port 80.


Use our templates for popular tech stacks to get started with single click!

Or create your own template for future interviews.

Pricing & Plans

We offer both Pay-As-You-Go model as well as yearly plans. Upgrade or Downgrade anytime.

Pay As You Go

$0 /year

$14 / pad

14 days unlimited trial Start Trial


$499 /year

60 free pads / year

$9 / additional pad

14 days unlimited trial Start Trial


$999 /year

200 free pads / year

$5 / pad

14 days unlimited trial Start Trial



Premium Support

White Labeling




Can't I use gDocs for this?

Yes but you lose the power of actually running your code. We just give you your machine, you have the freedom on how to configure it.

Can't I use Cloud9 or Koding for this?

Those are online IDEs perfect for working with your team. Phone screening requires a seperate project for each candidate and ease of sharing it with your candidate. CodeBlimp is for times when you just don't want a bulky IDE.

Is this a VPS Hosting?

No, this is a simple application hosting platform. It's similar to VPS but we don't provide configurations or options.

Do I get a static IP?

No IP is provided, run your backend on port 80 and access using your machine's subdomain. Currently only limited to HTTP protocol.

How does it work?

Docker based sandbox and a custom supervisor on the backend. Shared via websockets to you.

Why 'blimp'?

Because 'cloud' is so mainstream, we looked for other stuff in the sky. Or because a blimp represents a light-weight and a lean airship.

Should I use this for production?

No, scaling features will come soon.

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