Nginx Web Server Announces nginScript

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Nginx Web Server Announces nginScript

Written by Michael Larabel inFree Software on 23 September 2015 at 01:23 PM EDT.Add A Comment

Developers behind the high-performance Nginx web server project have announced nginScript, a JavaScript-derived scripting language to do more with this open-source web server.

The nginScript implementation is described by the developers as "a robust implementation of much of JavaScript – the most useful parts for configuring NGINX. Some less-used parts of JavaScript and some less relevant built-in objects are not supported. nginScript can be used for quick fixes, making NGINX configuration more convenient, and operations more efficient. But, because it runs at the application delivery level, it will also enable you to refactor your applications for greater long-term stability, security, and scale."

The nginScript is powered by a custom virtual machine and byte-code compiler. Developers are hoping this scripting language for their web server can be used for greater security, better control of traffic, consolidating functions across applications, and speeding application development.

Nginx users wishing to learn more about nginScript can read this blog post that goes over all of the details.

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