Introduction to Citrix XenServer Fuel Plugin

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Mirantis Fuel, which is a member of the OpenStack Big Tent, has already made itself one of the leading installers for OpenStack and offers a pluggable architecture that enable you to add new capabilities to your environments. XenServer Fuel Plugin aims to enable use of the XenServer open source hypervisor (versions greater than 6.5 SP1) as a Compute provider with Mirantis OpenStack, in a commercially supportable way.

To be more specific, we want to achieve the following major goals:

  • Add customisation to the user interface
  • Configuring OpenStack to use XenServer at install time
  • Install required plugins and other pre-requisites
  • Routing control networks to give access to dom0
  • Update the XenServer OpenStack integration
  • Replacing the test image

Customizing the user interface

Mirantis Fuel is highly GUI-based. As a single web page application written in JavaScript, users can easily choose OpenStack release, hypervisor type, network or storage back-ends and extra OpenStack services, like Murano or Sahara, through a wizard. More detail-specific settings can be configured in a list of categorised settings tabs. You can even drag and drop the network interfaces. Generally, in Fuel UI, configuration has been redesigned to make it really user-friendly.

Read the entire article here, Introduction to XenServer Fuel Plugin

via the fine folks at Citrix Systems, Inc.

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