Aurelia Goes Stable 1.0: RTM

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It has finally happened. After a long beta and relatively short release candidate period, Aurelia has hit a version 1.0 stable release which you can read more about here from the horse’s mouth. This means you can now safely use Aurelia to build your applications with confidence that it will be stable.

In all honesty, Aurelia as a core framework (not so much the tooling) has been stable since mid 2015 for me. Over the last year and a bit I have seen this framework grow from a small idea to an impressive and easy to use framework.

Another cool thing announced is paid virtual training where you can learn Aurelia right from the official resource, which you can read about here .

Once again, a special thank you to Rob Eisenberg and the team for their contributions to the framework, as well as putting up with me during the Webpack rewrite phase. A special thank you to Bazyli Brzóska (Webpack and HMR lead) who has done an exceptional job on the Webpack side of things. The Webpack stuff is now on par with Jspm.

If you have yet to check out Aurelia , now is the time.


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