Citrix: Connecting to Azure Resource Manager in XenApp & XenDesktop

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Using Azure Resource Manager in XenApp/XenDesktop

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) functionality is available via Machine Creation Services (MCS). While some basic familiarity with MCS may be helpful in understanding how to best use this new feature, getting started is pretty straightforward.

At a high level, creating machines consists of two distinct phases. You first connect XenApp/XenDesktop to your Azure infrastructure. You then use the established connection and specified resources to create a catalog of virtual machines. This article deals primarily with the first task.


  • Access to the XenApp and XenDesktop Service of Citrix Cloud.
  • An Azure Subscription.
  • An Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) user account in the directory associated with your subscription, which is also co-administrator of the subscription.
  • An ARM virtual network and subnet in your preferred region with connectivity to an AD controller and Citrix Cloud Connector.

Connection creation

Read the entire article here, Connecting to Azure Resource Manager in XenApp & XenDesktop

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