Nokia OZO+ ‘Next Gen’ image quality with new ISP

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OZO+ camera gets a new custom-built, image signal processing framework that is expected to “significantly improves image quality with better dynamic range and better colours”. Given the professional nature of OZO, it has to deliver the crispest, top end quality and that’s what Nokia’s pushing here…”professional images that are cleaner, smoother, and more natural than ever before”.

Pixel Pipeline

The new pixel pipeline produces more detail, natural color and sharper images.

Highlight Recovery

In this image, you can see the vast improvement to Dynamic range through tonal range now extended both in bright and dark areas. The new highlight recovery algorithm cleverly uses the raw data headroom to show more tones in bright areas. The dark shades also improve by more accurate local black level and the new noise filters.

Colour Quality


The new spectral colour processing enables vivid and accurate colours in all conditions. The processing engine reduces the camera-to-camera and even local in-camera colour variations. In addition, it is possible to manually adjust RGB levels globally or per-camera. Finally, as a unique solution in the market, OZO enables now custom spectum illumimant.

Low Light Performance

OZO+’s new image processing enables significantly better low light performance. The pixel processing provides smooth and natural visual content, which tolerates a lot of tone mapping with RGB levels.

Source: OZO

Via: NokiaMob