Nouveau Patches Round Out OpenGL 4.1 Support For Maxwell/Pascal

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Nouveau Patches Round Out OpenGL 4.1 Support For Maxwell/Pascal

Written by Michael Larabel inNouveau on 26 July 2016 at 08:34 PM EDT.Add A Comment

Samuel Pitoiset continues being one of the most prolific Nouveau driver developers in recent times and today posted support for OpenGL tessellation on NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs and newer.

Tessellation was the last blocker preventing Maxwell from exposing OpenGL 4.1 compliance on this community-based, reverse-engineered graphics driver. Not only does this tessellation code work on Maxwell, but Samuel believes it will work for Pascal GPUs too. However, he's been unable to test that code. In addition, Nouveau currently has just support for the GP100 Pascal and not the more common GeForce GTX 1000 Pascal GPUs. Not until NVIDIA releases the needed signed firmware images will the GeForce GTX 1060/1070/1080 have working 3D open-source driver support.

The three patches for NVC0 Gallium3D that wire up tessellation for GL 4.1 on Maxwell+ can be found via the Mesa mailing list . The work should land in time for the next stable Mesa release in September.

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