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July 20, 2016 — Posted byKen Pugh

I've written about several ATDD topics recently on the ATDD website. .   Here's a summary of the topics:

Testing Contracts for Services

There is a growing use of services and micro-services to develop applications. I’ve had numerous questions about how to test the services and who should be responsible for what testing. I wrote a book called Interface-Oriented Design which covered many of these issues. Here’s a summary and example adapted from that book. Continue reading Testing Contracts for Services →

Another Way to Look at the Bowling Acceptance Tests

A common exercise in acceptance test driven development is write acceptance for the problem of scoring a bowling game. You may have seen other examples of acceptance tests. Here’s a different version based on some of the guidelines listed in my book. These examples are shown as Word-style tables. They can be converted into tables compatible with the syntax of your acceptance test framework. Continue reading Another Way to Look at the Bowling Acceptance Tests →

Automating Tests for Batch Applications

I’ve had numerous questions on how to automate testing batch programs. In some places these are also termed host programs, since the batch runs on a mainframe host. Let’s take a look at an example on how to do this.

Continue reading Automating Tests for Batch Applications →

Programmable Mocks

You have some service or database call. You need that call to be repeatable. Sometimes a record and playback is sufficient. You make the call, record what it returns, and play that back every subsequent time. Continue reading Programmable Mocks →

Using Tables in Cucumber

Tables are a desirable way to specify values in a Cucumber Given/When/Then step. Here’s an example of a table:

Given Customer is:

| Id    | Name | Street             | Zip Code |

| 123 | John   | 1 Apple Lane | 27701     |

Continue reading Using Tables in Cucumber →


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