Hive (YC S14) Is Hiring a Full-Stack Software Engineer in Waterloo

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Hive builds web and mobile applications for your favourite brands, musicians, and their millions of fans. Brands pay us to collect massive amounts of fan and social data, and we give them tools and insights to drive their strategy, marketing and sales.

Just like how technology companies use product metrics to drive decision making, we’re providing the same clarity and insight to thousands of artists and brands (like Alesso, AC/DC, Playbill and Vice).

We started our company inside a UWaterloo computer lab in early 2014, graduated from Y Combinator that summer (S14 batch) and we’ve been growing ever since. Our tight-knit team is a bunch of hackers and hustlers, and we split our time between our offices in Waterloo and Los Angeles. You’ll be #3 on our engineering team in Waterloo.

We are looking for full-stack hackers who can ship their own software and love the entertainment space - music, concerts, and innovative brands and marketers.


- You'll join our engineering team at an early stage… we’re growing so there’s lots to do and even more to learn!

- You'll help contribute to our roadmap and choose what you want to work on (motivated engineers are good engineers)

- You'll ship code daily (hopefully more often, though)

- You love exploring, using, and shipping new technologies into production to solve really hard problems in novel ways

- You'll own whatever you build and get to see it used by your favourite artists, brands, and their millions of fans

Required Skills

- Passionate about building things. You've got side projects you're proud of and you probably read Hacker News more than is healthy.

- When it comes to development, you're comfortable owning, building, shipping your own features/products

- You thrive or want to thrive in a startup environment (startup hours, close knit team, autonomy, etc.)

- Music, concerts, data and innovative marketing campaigns get you excited

- You've built things with our stack before (or can google and learn how to quickly):

* Python/Django (MySQL/Memcached) web app, jQuery and CSS (LESS) on the front end

* Celery (RabbitMQ) for billions of async tasks

* Mongo/Elasticsearch for “medium” data

* Redshift/Spark for “big” data

* AWS Stack (RDS, EC2, ELB, S3, Lambda, Redshift, Elasticache)

* Git (Github) for source control and code reviews, whatever editor you like

- You might have a great CS or Engineering degree, or something else, or you dropped out, or you didn't even go to school! Our team is made up of all kinds of smart people.

Bottom line... We're looking for fast learners who are passionate about what we're building. You'll be well taken care of: meaningful equity, salary, and the benefits you need to be happy & healthy.

Finally (and most important), culture is important to us. You've got to know how to let loose after a few long days of work. Free tickets is part of the job and we love going to concerts, festivals, and industry events.


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