Microsoft – What’s new in failover clustering: #3 Stretched Clusters

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Why should you care about clustered storage? Everyone’s talking about apps, mobile, DevOps, containers, platforms. That’s cutting edge stuff in the IT world. Storage is boring, right?

Well, they’re all wrong. Storage is the key. You care about storage because it contains the only irreplaceable part of your IT environment: your data. That data is what makes your company run, what makes the money, what keeps the lights on. And that data usage is ever increasing.

Your datacenter could burn to the ground, all your servers could flood, your network could be shut down by a malicious attack, but if your data is safely protected, you can always get back to business.

Windows Server 2016 stretch clustering is here to protect that data and run those workloads so that your business stays in business.

Stretching clusters with Storage Replica in Windows Server 2016

Read the entire article here, What’s new in failover clustering: #3 Stretched Clusters

via the fine folks at Microsoft.



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